CHANGEWEEK is a weeklong, nationwide change drive organized by Change for Change, Inc. Participants plan and implement fun, creative, community-building fundraising events to benefit charities of their choice.


Who is Change for Change, Inc?

Change for Change is a 501(c)(3) national non-profit organization that mobilizes young people to improve their communities by donating spare change to charities of their choice. Founded in 1999, we are based on the idea that small change aggregated from many donors can lead to big changes. Change for Change has partnered with more than 20 businesses, schools, and community leaders to raise over $200,000 for over 40 charities.To learn more about us visit the Change for Change website.



Whenever you choose! We provide the tools and support. You bring the people and the fun.


Who can participate in CHANGEWEEK?

We are looking for dedicated groups, small and large, who are organized and passionate about making a difference for their community to create CHANGEWEEK leadership teams. Each CHANGEWEEK will be planned and directed by the leadership team in your organization. 


How do I get involved in CHANGEWEEK?

Getting involved is simple:

  1. Fill out a CHANGEWEEK Interest Form here to let us know that you’re interested and would like more info.

  2. Once we receive your information, you will be invited to fill out an online CHANGEWEEK Application.

  3. If your application is approved, you’ll get access to our planning portal and you can start planning for CHANGEWEEK!


Why should I participate in CHANGEWEEK?

There are tons of reasons to join! As pioneers of this amazing movement, you get

  • Step-by-step plans for hosting as many of our creative collecting events as you want during the week

  • An online store filled with cool gear to purchase

  • Mentorship from the CHANGEWEEK team (we’re here to help you make CHANGEWEEK an awesome event)!

  • The chance to join forces with groups across the country to make a difference in the world.


What are the requirements to participate in CHANGEWEEK?

Partners need to have four key elements in place before joining CHANGEWEEK. We will ask you about these in your CHANGEWEEK Application.

  • Someone in charge! If you're a school, identify a teacher advisor to oversee your CHANGEWEEK planning. We want to make sure your school is okay with all the awesome stuff you do during the week!

  • A Team! Get 3-5 people together to complete your CHANGEWEEK team! The team could be made up of friends or members of a student organization at school.

  • Choose where you want to donate the money you will raise! We only accept organizations that have selected a charitable organization in advance.

  • And lastly, set a fundraising goal! We want to see lots of change at the end of the week, and it’s nice to set a finish line to strive for. We’d like to see all our participating schools reach for at least $1,000. We believe in all of you!


What kind of time commitment does being a part of CHANGEWEEK require?

Organizing this project requires serious dedication which may take up several hours of your week. CHANGEWEEK is what you make of it. With a dedicated leadership team, you can accomplish a lot! Please be mindful that you and your team should be able to make this kind of commitment when signing up for CHANGEWEEK.


What organization do we raise money for?

The choice is yours! If you have an idea in mind, that’s great! And if not, we have some ideas, too (they will be included in the CHANGEWEEK Application)!  But we do have guidelines that all charity beneficiaries must meet, including that they must be US-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations that do not have as their primary purposes the promotion of religious doctrine, engagement in political activities, or implementation of research projects. If you have a charity in mind, and you're not sure if it qualifies, just ask us.


How much money do I have to raise during CHANGEWEEK?

That’s up to you. Each leadership team sets an individual goal for their drive. But remember to reach BIG, we know you can accomplish it! Your efforts will make a huge difference. We are encouraging all of our teams to set a goal over $1,000.


What if my organization can’t raise a large amount of money?

That’s okay. Any change will help. Pick a goal that will be appropriate for your group's size...and then try to surpass that goal!


How should my team raise money?

Good question! One of the perks of participating in CHANGEWEEK is that we have tons of event ideas and resources available to you! If your application is accepted, you will receive access to checklists, plans, and instructions for tons of creative collecting events. If you have ideas of your own, feel free to use those, too! Our mentors will also be on call to help you decide how to raise money or to help with any questions about the events.


Do we get any free stuff? / Does this cost money?

There is no cost to participate in ChangeWeek. We do give you access to an online store from which you can purchase awesome gear to help your team raise money.


Does CHANGEWEEK offer a budget?

Unfortunately, CHANGEWEEK does not have the means at this time to offer any additional money to help organize your ChangeWeek. Supplies and other materials used during your CHANGEWEEK event must be bought with your own money. But, don’t worry! ChangeWeek is entirely possible to organize with little to no money. You can get creative!


Does Change for Change profit from this event?

No. Change for Change is a non-profit organization. 100% of all of the collections are donated to the charity of your choice.


How do I refer an organization to participate? 

Have an organization in mind that would be perfect for this event? Send us their name, city, state, and zip code and we will invite them to apply.


How do we count the change we raise?

You should count the change in your local community using the option you think is best. We will provide tools that will direct you to some coin counting options, but you may also a better idea than we do about local banks, such as a local credit union or a local bank branch where you have a relationship, which might perform this service for free. We’ll suggest some ideas, but if you can find somewhere more convenient, or at a lower-cost, you should use that method.


How does the funds we raise get to the charity of our choice?

Once CHANGEWEEK is over, teams can donate all funds to their charity directly. 


Did we miss something?

Is there a question that you’d like to see here? Great! We’d love to hear from you. Contact us directly with any questions.